Akira Takahashi

Japanese version (日本語バージョン)

Akira Takahashi
Born March 1, 1985 Miyagi-ken. Japan



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  • Personal mail address : faithandbrave@gmail.com
  • My Company mail address : akirat@preferred.jp
  • Twitter : @cpp_akira

Skill in Programming Language

C++, Elixir, Ruby, Haskell, Scala, C#, Objective-C++, PHP.

Fields of Programming

Metaprogramming, Object-Oriented Programming, Functional Programming, Generic Programming, Multi-Paradigm Design, EDSL, Domain Driven Development, Game Programming, Network Programming, Parallel Programming, Syntax Analysis, Image Processing, Testable Design, Syntactic Analysis, Asynchronous Processing, Coroutine.

Fields of Management

Agile、Unified Process。

Interested in Programming Skills (2013/10/16)

Parallel Program Abstraction, GPGPU, Functional Reactive Programming, Distribution Processing, Graph Theory, Image Recognition, Statistics。

Study Meeting Activities

Use Web Servies


Wankuma Study Meeting in Tokyo #22 - "C++0x - Talking about the future of the language"

Developers Summit 2010 "C++0x, Ruby, ECMAScript5 About International Standardization"

Boost.StudyMeeting #6 in Sapporo

GREE Tech Talk #05